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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alexander Luria, 28 books
Daniel G. Amen, 28 books
Gazzaniga, Michael S., 25 books
David A. Sousa, 23 books
David Ferrier, 18 books
Roald Dahl, 16 books
George Paxinos, 15 books
Susan Greenfield, 13 books
Steve Parker, 13 books
David Perlmutter, 13 books
Willis, Thomas, 12 books
Wilder Penfield, 12 books
F. J. Gall, 12 books
Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, 12 books
Harvey Cushing, 11 books
J. G. Spurzheim, 11 books
N. P. Bekhtereva, 11 books
Richard M. Restak, 11 books
Tony Buzan, 11 books
Daniel J. Siegel, 11 books
Paul Broca, 11 books
William H. Calvin, 11 books
Bryan Kolb, 11 books
Dale Purves, 11 books
Karl H. Pribram, 10 books


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