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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society of London, 52 books
Ambroise Paré, 37 books
John Abernethy, 35 books
Philip M. Parker, 29 books
Francis J. Shepherd, 27 books
James S. T. Yao, 26 books
Cooper, Astley Sir, 24 books
David C. Sabiston, 20 books
Guy de Chauliac, 19 books
Guillaume Dupuytren, 18 books
James N. Parker, 18 books
James N. Parker, 18 books
American College of Surgeons, 17 books
Schwartz, Seymour I., 17 books
John J. Bergan, 15 books
Samuel Sharp, 14 books
Samuel Cooper, 13 books
William W. Keen, 13 books
Bell, Benjamin, 13 books
Fabrice Manns, 13 books
Percivall Pott, 12 books
James Syme, 12 books
Harold Ellis, 12 books
A. Cuschieri, 12 books
Sam W. Wiesel, 12 books


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