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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chizu Saeki, 7 books
Society of Craniofacial Genetics. Symposium, 4 books
M. J. Saffon, 4 books
Donald H. Enlow, 4 books
SAMi, 4 books
Sarnat, Bernard G., 3 books
Johan P. Reyneke, 3 books
Roberts, John B., 3 books
Babak Azizzadeh, 3 books
Mark R. Murphy, 3 books
Miller, Margaret, 3 books
Weiling Li, 3 books
T. Wingate Todd, 3 books
Julia M. Busch, 3 books
Wayne F. Larrabee, 3 books
Qianrong Li, 3 books
Calvin M. Johnson, 2 books
Stuart J. Salasche, 2 books
John Beumer, 2 books
Geoffrey H. Sperber, 2 books
Bernard L. Kaye, 2 books
Daniel Marchac, 2 books
Ray Bull, 2 books
Amy Greene, 2 books
Thomas D. Rees, 2 books


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