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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cooper, Astley Sir, 11 books
Bell, Benjamin, 10 books
Theodor Billroth, 7 books
Franz K©œnig, 7 books
Samuel Cooper, 6 books
John Abernethy, 6 books
J. M. Chelius, 6 books
Eduard Albert, 5 books
Lorenz Heister, 5 books
J. Chalmers Da Costa, 5 books
P.-J Desault, 5 books
William W. Keen, 5 books
John A. Wyeth, 5 books
Percivall Pott, 4 books
Samuel Sharp, 4 books
J.-F Malgaigne, 4 books
A. Velpeau, 4 books
Charles Edmund Fisher, 4 books
Robert Druitt, 4 books
Robert Liston, 4 books
Timothy Holmes, 4 books
James Syme, 4 books
George Ballingall, 4 books
Phil. Jos Roux, 4 books
John Eric Erichsen, 3 books


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