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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Eric R. Kandel, 11 books
Steve Parker, 9 books
Thomas M. Jessell, 8 books
P. Flourens, 7 books
George Zouridakis, 7 books
David Ferrier, 6 books
James H. Schwartz, 6 books
Sandra Aamodt, 6 books
Bryan Kolb, 6 books
Charles Robert Noback, 5 books
David Ottoson, 5 books
Hall, Marshall, 4 books
Mary Agnes Burniston Brazier, 4 books
P. K. Anokhin, 4 books
Jasper R. Daube, 4 books
V. B. Shvyrkov, 4 books
P. Michael Conn, 4 books
Ian Q. Whishaw, 4 books
Alan A. Boulton, 4 books
Glen B. Baker, 4 books
Allan Siegel, 4 books
Tōru Yamada, 4 books
James H. Schwartz, 4 books
Aage R. Møller, 3 books
Claude-Nicolas Le Cat, 3 books


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