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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David A. Sousa, 12 books
Dan Gutman, 8 books
David Boud, 8 books
Robert Mills Gagné, 8 books
John Hattie, 8 books
Guy Claxton, 7 books
Thomas Armstrong, 7 books
Jay McTighe, 7 books
Tony Buzan, 7 books
Jok Church, 7 books
Jarvis, Peter, 6 books
Francis Bacon, 6 books
John B. Biggs, 6 books
Joe L. Martinez, 6 books
Nancy Frey, 6 books
Bernice McCarthy, 5 books
James L. McGaugh, 5 books
Rita Stafford Dunn, 5 books
David G. Lazear, 5 books
David H. Jonassen, 5 books
Marcia L. Tate, 5 books
Sheryl Feinstein, 5 books
Reggie Kwan, 5 books
Ruth Solski, 5 books
John Caldwell Holt, 5 books


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