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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Kathleen T. McWhorter, 30 books
John N. Gardner, 19 books
Robert M. Sherfield, 17 books
Patricia G. Moody, 15 books
Carol Carter, 14 books
Robert S. Feldman, 13 books
A. Jerome Jewler, 13 books
Ronald W. Fry, 13 books
Stella Cottrell, 12 books
Skip Downing, 12 books
David B. Ellis, 11 books
Brenda D. Smith, 11 books
Kay Arthur, 8 books
Walter Pauk, 8 books
Sherrie L. Nist, 8 books
Betsy O. Barefoot, 8 books
Al Siebert, 8 books
L. Ron Hubbard, 8 books
Sherrie Nist-Olejnik, 8 books
Rocío Quesada Castillo, 8 books
Grolier Incorporated, 8 books
Peter Mather, 7 books
Louise Colligan, 7 books
Sandra Sinfield, 7 books
Serendipity House, 7 books


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