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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
National Learning Corporation, 121 books
Kaplan Publishing, 93 books
Harold Bloom, 81 books
David Reuben Turner, 79 books
Arco Publishing Company., 67 books
Jack Rudman, 59 books
Sharon A. Wynne, 50 books
Hy Hammer, 48 books
LearningExpress (Organization), 48 books
Princeton Review (Firm), 44 books
Princeton Review, 42 books
Syngress Media, Inc, 38 books
Sharon Wynne, 35 books
Todd Lammle, 33 books
LearningExpress Editors, 32 books
Peterson's, 30 books
Michael Meyers, 30 books
Ray Whittington, 27 books
Ed Tittel, 26 books
Tao Le, 24 books
Lin Lougheed, 24 books
James Chellis, 24 books
Educational Testing Service, 23 books
University of Oxford, 23 books
Arco, 22 books


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