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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Syngress Media, Inc, 38 books
Ed Tittel, 23 books
Microsoft Corporation, 20 books
Michael Meyers, 18 books
Todd Lammle, 14 books
Emmett Dulaney, 13 books
James Chellis, 12 books
Anthony Northrup, 9 books
Emmett A. Dulaney, 9 books
Charles J. Brooks, 9 books
David Groth, 8 books
Orin Thomas, 7 books
Dan Holme, 7 books
Andrews, Jean, 7 books
Wendell Odom, 6 books
Lisa Donald, 6 books
Darril Gibson, 6 books
Microsoft Corporation., 6 books
Michael J. Palmer, 5 books
Jean Andrews, 5 books
James Michael Stewart, 5 books
Dan Balter, 4 books
Dave Perkovich, 4 books
Kay Unkroth, 4 books
Michael A. Pastore, 4 books


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