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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
IBM Redbooks, 71 books
Microsoft Corporation, 31 books
William R. Stanek, 28 books
David Watts, 14 books
Jim McBee, 13 books
Tony Redmond, 11 books
Microsoft Official Academic Course, 10 books
Anthony Piltzecker, 10 books
Charlie Russel, 10 books
Rand Morimoto, 10 books
Brian Larson, 9 books
Robin Dewson, 9 books
Robert Orfali, 9 books
Walter J. Glenn, 8 books
Joseph L. Jorden, 8 books
SAS Institute, 8 books
Mark Beckner, 8 books
Barry Gerber, 8 books
Michael Otey, 8 books
Robert Vieira, 7 books
Drew Heywood, 7 books
Mark Minasi, 7 books
Paul Turley, 6 books
Mitch Tulloch, 6 books
Paul Robichaux, 6 books