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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Flanagan, 7 books
IBM Redbooks, 7 books
Michael Noel, 5 books
Schoun Regan, 4 books
Mohammed J. Kabir, 4 books
Charles Aulds, 4 books
Allen Wyatt, 4 books
Douglas J. Reilly, 4 books
Colin Spence, 3 books
James Goodwill, 3 books
Matthew MacDonald, 3 books
Peter Wainwright, 3 books
Kevin Laahs, 3 books
Mitch Tulloch, 3 books
Lincoln D. Stein, 3 books
Damon Hougland, 3 books
Vanessa L. Williams, 3 books
Rick Greenwald, 3 books
Mueller, John, 3 books
Matthew Moodie, 3 books
Carla Sadtler, 3 books
Bill Hatfield, 3 books
Jeff Webb, 3 books
Jonathan Magid, 3 books
Nikhil Kothari, 3 books


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