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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Matthew MacDonald, 14 books
Julie C. Meloni, 11 books
Steven Holzner, 9 books
Terry Morris, 8 books
Gary B. Shelly, 8 books
Larry Ullman, 7 books
Joseph Lowery, 7 books
Ric Shreves, 7 books
David Powers, 7 books
Anne Boehm, 7 books
Aneesha Bakharia, 6 books
Bill Evjen, 6 books
David A. Crowder, 6 books
Janine Warner, 6 books
Sherry Bishop, 6 books
Robin Nixon, 6 books
Alex Homer, 6 books
Vikram Vaswani, 5 books
Garo Green, 5 books
Peter MacIntyre, 5 books
Sam Ruby, 5 books
Michael Peacock, 5 books
Michael Hartl, 5 books
Obie Fernandez, 5 books
Greg Holden, 5 books


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