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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
IBM Redbooks, 11 books
Neal Goldstein, 9 books
Matthew MacDonald, 8 books
Wei-Meng Lee, 8 books
Ben Forta, 8 books
Ray, John, 7 books
Craig Walls, 6 books
Microsoft Corporation, 6 books
Jesse Feiler, 5 books
James Rankin, 5 books
Anne Boehm, 5 books
Obie Fernandez, 5 books
David S. Linthicum, 5 books
Steven L. Mandell, 5 books
Dave Mark, 5 books
Mark L. Murphy, 5 books
Lauren Darcey, 5 books
Richard Grimes, 5 books
Bert Scalzo, 4 books
David Sussman, 4 books
Adam Nathan, 4 books
Anthony Northrup, 4 books
Laurence Moroney, 4 books
Mike Snell, 4 books
Craig McMurtry, 4 books


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