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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dan Gookin, 10 books
Robert Kao, 6 books
Neal Goldstein, 6 books
Mark L. Murphy, 5 books
Shane Conder, 5 books
Vandad Nahavandipoor, 5 books
Christopher Breen, 4 books
Erica Sadun, 4 books
Guy Hart-Davis, 4 books
David Pogue, 4 books
Joanna Lumsden, 4 books
Axiang, 4 books
W. Frank Ableson, 4 books
Ivan Litovski, 4 books
Nick Vandome, 4 books
Himanshu Dwivedi, 3 books
Matthew David, 3 books
Wei-Meng Lee, 3 books
Ed Burnette, 3 books
Laurence T. Yang, 3 books
Maher Ali, 3 books
Ismail Khalil Ibrahim, 3 books
Mourad Debbabi, 3 books
Brad Miser, 3 books
Nancy Muir, 3 books


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