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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Tim Hartnell, 32 books
International Business Machines Corporation, 27 books
Deke McClelland, 22 books
Jonathan S. Harbour, 21 books
Compute! Publications, Inc, 20 books
David D. Busch, 19 books
Ian R. Sinclair, 19 books
Bob LeVitus, 18 books
Maria Langer, 18 books
Bruce Presley, 17 books
Dave Mark, 17 books
Timothy Orr Knight, 17 books
Fred D'Ignazio, 16 books
Lon Poole, 16 books
Heiserman, David L., 16 books
Lance A. Leventhal, 16 books
Julio Sanchez, 15 books
Tom Rugg, 15 books
Leo J. Scanlon, 15 books
Steven L. Mandell, 14 books
Elaine Weinmann, 14 books
Hal Renko, 14 books
Rodnay Zaks, 14 books
David A. Lien, 14 books
Danny Goodman, 13 books


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