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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
BradyGames, 35 books
Prima Temp Authors, 31 books
Rick Barba, 23 books
Jonathan S. Harbour, 20 books
Bart Farkas, 19 books
Tim Bogenn, 18 books
Prima Development, 16 books
Hal Renko, 15 books
Rusel DeMaria, 14 books
Winter Morgan, 14 books
Tim Hartnell, 13 books
Fred D'Ignazio, 13 books
Fernando Bueno, 13 books
David Knight, 13 books
Inc. IMGS, 12 books
Mark Cohen, 11 books
Peter Gerrard, 11 books
Doug Radcliffe, 11 books
Tom Clancy, 11 books
Jeannie Novak, 10 books
Elizabeth Hollinger, 10 books
Kip Ward, 10 books
James Dashner, 9 books
Alan Thorn, 9 books
Joseph Grant Bell, 9 books


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