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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paul McFedries, 65 books
IBM Redbooks, 60 books
Ruth Maran, 36 books
Andy Rathbone, 33 books
Richard Petersen, 28 books
Microsoft Corporation, 27 books
David Pogue, 25 books
William R. Stanek, 23 books
Bob LeVitus, 22 books
Robert Cowart, 21 books
Chris Negus, 21 books
Mark G. Sobell, 20 books
Joli Ballew, 19 books
Mark Minasi, 19 books
Dan Gookin, 19 books
Martin S. Matthews, 17 books
Kathy Ivens, 17 books
Ed Bott, 17 books
Jim Boyce, 16 books
Shelley O'Hara, 15 books
Maria Langer, 15 books
Peter Norton, 14 books
Woody Leonhard, 14 books
Carolyn Z. Gillay, 14 books
Sharon Crawford, 14 books


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