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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dan Gookin, 29 books
Michael Meyers, 21 books
Aubrey Pilgrim, 17 books
Scott Mueller, 16 books
Joe Kraynak, 16 books
Andrews, Jean, 13 books
Michael F. Hordeski, 12 books
Steven L. Mandell, 12 books
Stephen J. Bigelow, 11 books
Miller, Michael, 11 books
IEEE, 10 books
Bryan Pfaffenberger, 9 books
Shelley O'Hara, 9 books
Mark L. Chambers, 8 books
Kris A. Jamsa, 8 books
Shi Weiming yan jiu shi, 8 books
Adam Osborne, 7 books
Robin Bradbeer, 7 books
Peter Norton, 7 books
Stuart Yarnold, 7 books
Andy Rathbone, 7 books
Mohamed Rafiquzzaman, 7 books
Gene B. Williams, 7 books
Nancy Muir, 7 books
William T. Barden, 7 books


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