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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lance A. Leventhal, 12 books
Leo J. Scanlon, 10 books
Thomas J. Cashman, 6 books
Kip R. Irvine, 5 books
Steven Holzner, 5 books
Allen Wyatt, 5 books
Robert Erskine, 5 books
Kevin McQuillen, 4 books
Abel, Peter, 4 books
Don H. Stabley, 3 books
Donna N. Tabler, 3 books
Robert W. Sebesta, 3 books
Judi N. Fernandez, 3 books
Nancy B. Stern, 3 books
Jeff Duntemann, 3 books
Mark Andrews, 3 books
Ned Chapin, 3 books
Muhammad Ali Mazidi, 3 books
Alan R. Miller, 3 books
Karen A. Lemone, 3 books
Richard E. Haskell, 3 books
William T. Barden, 3 books
James F. Peters, 2 books
Richard C. Detmer, 2 books
Thomas P. Skinner, 2 books


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