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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Simpson, Alan, 31 books
Jones, Edward, 27 books
Cary N. Prague, 22 books
William H. Inmon, 19 books
Philip J. Pratt, 15 books
Charles Siegel, 15 books
Hutchison, David, 14 books
Roger Jennings, 14 books
Gary B. Shelly, 14 books
David Kroenke, 12 books
Allen G. Taylor, 11 books
Robert T. Grauer, 11 books
James Martin, 10 books
Virginia Andersen, 10 books
Jesse Feiler, 9 books
Miriam Liskin, 9 books
Rob Krumm, 9 books
C. J. Date, 8 books
Faithe Wempen, 8 books
Donald K. Burleson, 8 books
Sarah Hutchinson-Clifford, 8 books
Glen Coulthard, 8 books
IBM Redbooks, 8 books
John Kaufeld, 8 books
Jeffrey D. Ullman, 8 books


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