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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robert T. Grauer, 22 books
Gary B. Shelly, 22 books
Joseph J. Adamski, 21 books
Sarah Hutchinson-Clifford, 20 books
Timothy J. O'Leary, 17 books
Nita Hewitt Rutkosky, 16 books
Roger Jennings, 15 books
Cary N. Prague, 14 books
Kathy T. Finnegan, 14 books
Alison Balter, 13 books
Linda I O'Leary, 12 books
Virginia Andersen, 12 books
Glen Coulthard, 11 books
Faithe Wempen, 10 books
Paul McFedries, 10 books
Robert Ferrett, 10 books
Bruce J. McLaren, 8 books
Wallace Wang, 8 books
John M. Preston, 8 books
Rick Winter, 8 books
Stephen L. Nelson, 8 books
Joseph W. Habraken, 8 books
Ken Getz, 8 books
John Viescas, 8 books
Jones, Edward, 8 books


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