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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jerry Weissman, 20 books
Carmine Gallo, 8 books
David W. Beskeen, 7 books
Gene Zelazny, 7 books
Dale Carnegie, 6 books
Mary Munter, 6 books
Garr Reynolds, 6 books
Pat R. Graves, 6 books
Lynn Russell, 5 books
Sarah Hutchinson-Clifford, 5 books
Carol M. Cram, 5 books
Doug Lowe, 5 books
Dave Arch, 5 books
Marjorie Brody, 5 books
Tom Negrino, 5 books
Ritch Sorenson, 5 books
Andrew Leigh, 5 books
Nancy Duarte, 5 books
Dianna Booher, 4 books
Glen Coulthard, 4 books
Tony Jeary, 4 books
Richard Hall, 4 books
Linda Eve Diamond, 4 books
Cliff Atkinson, 4 books
Phillip Khan-Panni, 4 books