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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dale Carnegie, 28 books
Stephen E. Lucas, 19 books
Dan O'Hair, 18 books
Bruce E. Gronbeck, 16 books
Hannah Rubenstein, 14 books
Michael Osborn, 14 books
James C. Humes, 14 books
Suzanne Osborn, 14 books
Rob Stewart, 13 books
Steven A. Beebe, 13 books
Patricia Hayes Andrews, 13 books
Douglas Ehninger, 12 books
Rudolph F. Verderber, 12 books
Prochnow, Herbert Victor, 12 books
Dwight E. Watkins, 12 books
Herbert F. de Bower, 12 books
John Bowden, 11 books
Jacob Morton Braude, 11 books
Robert Orben, 10 books
David Zarefsky, 10 books
Susan J. Beebe, 10 books
Deanna D. Sellnow, 8 books
Edward J. Hegarty, 8 books
Cheryl Hamilton, 8 books
George L. Grice, 8 books


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