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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rob Stewart, 13 books
Dan O'Hair, 13 books
Desiderius Erasmus, 13 books
Alexander Melville Bell, 9 books
Donald Hammill, 8 books
Hannah Rubenstein, 7 books
Donald R. Calvert, 6 books
Jon Eisenson, 6 books
Chauchard, Paul, 5 books
Norman J. Lass, 5 books
Harry Seymour, 5 books
Thomas Roeper, 5 books
Jill Villiers, 5 books
Alexander Graham Bell, 5 books
Lieberman, Philip., 5 books
Lloyd M. Hulit, 5 books
Peter Villiers, 5 books
Angela Holzer, 5 books
Alain Marchal, 5 books
Woolbert, Charles Henry, 4 books
Wilder Penfield, 4 books
Charles Van Riper, 4 books
Robert W. West, 4 books
Gunnar Fant, 4 books
E. W. Scripture, 4 books


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