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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jean Froissart, 69 books
Jeri Westerson, 8 books
Andrea De Marchi, 6 books
Massimo Medica, 5 books
Miklós Boskovits, 4 books
Pat Walsh, 4 books
May McKisack, 4 books
Kateřina Kubínová, 3 books
Taylor, John, 3 books
V. H. Galbraith, 3 books
Stefan Weppelmann, 3 books
Caroline Roe, 3 books
Blythe Gifford, 3 books
Millard Meiss, 3 books
Braddy, Haldeen, 3 books
Holly Flora, 3 books
S. Romano, 3 books
Melvin R. Starr, 3 books
Elizabeth M. Hallam, 2 books
Alain Demurger, 2 books
National Gallery (Great Britain), 2 books
Amanda Scott, 2 books
Barron, Caroline M., 2 books
Susann Cokal, 2 books
Robinson, David M., 2 books


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