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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Emile Mâle, 36 books
Charles-Auguste Auber, 14 books
Mrs. Anna Jameson, 14 books
A.-F Rio, 13 books
Timothy Verdon, 13 books
Oleg Zastrow, 12 books
Guillaume Durand, 11 books
Françoise Henry, 10 books
André Grabar, 10 books
N. P. Kondakov, 10 books
Clara Erskine Clement Waters, 9 books
Rosa Giorgi, 9 books
Giovanni Morello, 8 books
Joseph Wilpert, 8 books
Atanas Bozhkov, 8 books
Theophilus Presbyter., 7 books
Emile Mâle, 7 books
Mâle, Émile, 7 books
Kurt Weitzmann, 7 books
Enzo Carli, 7 books
Colum Hourihane, 7 books
Raymond Oursel, 6 books
H. H. Powers, 6 books
Fabrizio Bisconti, 6 books
Vittorio Sgarbi, 6 books


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