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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Erland Lagerlöf, 12 books
Ragnhild Boström, 9 books
Ingrid Rosell, 9 books
Mats Bergman, 6 books
Ann Catherine Bonnier, 6 books
Bennett, Robert, 6 books
Marian Ullén, 5 books
Anton Henze, 5 books
Charles Cahier, 4 books
Anita Liepe, 4 books
Per Gustaf Hamberg, 4 books
Jean Taralon, 4 books
Armin Tuulse, 4 books
Julius Kurth, 4 books
E. Roulin, 4 books
Helmuth Meissner, 4 books
Robert Chester Smith, 3 books
Bond, Francis, 3 books
Karin Aasma, 3 books
Peter Frederick Anson, 3 books
Mary Désirée Anderson, 3 books
A. de Caumont, 3 books
Bernadette McCarver Snyder, 3 books
Andrea Appiani, 3 books
Ludwig Gruner, 3 books


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