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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Emile Mâle, 22 books
P. L. Jacob, 16 books
Georges Duby, 12 books
Arturo Carlo Quintavalle, 8 books
Colum Hourihane, 8 books
Hubert, Jean, 7 books
Rita Lejeune, 6 books
Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.), 6 books
Emile Mâle, 5 books
Ernst Kitzinger, 5 books
Joan Evans, 5 books
Jean Hubert, 5 books
Joaquín Yarza, 5 books
Cloisters (Museum), 5 books
Charles Cahier, 4 books
W. R. Lethaby, 4 books
Werner Weisbach, 4 books
Henri Focillon, 4 books
Mâle, Émile, 4 books
Musée de Cluny., 4 books
Emilio Lavagnino, 4 books
Guy de Tervarent, 4 books
Taylor, Henry Osborn, 4 books
Leslie Webster, 4 books
Susan Marti, 4 books


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