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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Einhard, 21 books
Thomas Bulfinch, 15 books
Einhard, 12 books
Ronald N. Walpole, 6 books
Louis Halphen, 5 books
Robert Folz, 5 books
H. W. Carless Davis, 5 books
Hodgkin, Thomas, 5 books
Richard Winston, 5 books
George Chapman, 4 books
Hoffmann, Heinrich, 4 books
Paul Aebischer, 4 books
Jacques Boussard, 4 books
Francis Monnier, 4 books
Peter Munz, 4 books
Sidney J. H. Herrtage, 4 books
William Caxton, 4 books
Notker Balbulus, 4 books
Donald A. Bullough, 4 books
Quatrelles, 4 books
Rodd, Thomas, 3 books
Joseph Calmette, 3 books
Wolfgang Braunfels, 3 books
Josef Fleckenstein, 3 books
Stricker, 3 books


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