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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
August Brecher, 5 books
Viktor Gielen, 5 books
Axel Hausmann, 4 books
Hans Siemons, 3 books
Karl Faymonville, 2 books
Helmut A. Crous, 2 books
Wilhelm K. Fischer, 2 books
Aloys Schulte, 2 books
Claudia Erdmann, 2 books
Hans-Karl Siebigs, 2 books
Heinrich Benrath, 2 books
Helga Giersiepen, 2 books
Thomas R. Kraus, 2 books
Klaus Winands, 1 book
Klaus Nuglisch, 1 book
Hoffmann, Hans, 1 book
Günter Bers, 1 book
Johannes Everling, 1 book
Wolfgang Trees, 1 book
Wigand Bruns, 1 book
Walter Schmitz, 1 book
Klaus Brülls, 1 book
Thomas Wurzel, 1 book
Reinhard Dauber, 1 book
Felix Monheim, 1 book


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