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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Steven A. Beebe, 7 books
Hellmut Geissner, 7 books
Norbert Gutenberg, 6 books
Dino Preti, 6 books
Bruce E. Gronbeck, 5 books
Douglas Ehninger, 5 books
Debra Fine, 5 books
O. S. Issers, 5 books
Kathleen M. Galvin, 5 books
Susan J. Beebe, 5 books
Lyn Dawes, 5 books
Paulette Dale, 5 books
Raymond Samuel Ross, 5 books
Judith Tanka, 5 books
Evgeniĭ Fedorovich Tarasov, 5 books
Douglas R. Barnes, 5 books
Chuck Sandy, 5 books
Gerald M. Phillips, 5 books
Sharon Jeroski, 5 books
Barbara Tucker, 4 books
Sigrid Norris, 4 books
Pamela J. Cooper, 4 books
Kevin Hall, 4 books
Beatrice Szczepek Reed, 4 books
Ray E. Nadeau, 4 books


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