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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jack C. Richards, 7 books
Kate DiCamillo, 6 books
Judith Tanka, 6 books
Lyman K. Steil, 4 books
Judi Brownell, 4 books
Carol Numrich, 4 books
Ellen Kisslinger, 4 books
Kim Sanabria, 3 books
Joachim Ernst Berendt, 3 books
Karen Poth, 3 books
Lida R. Baker, 3 books
Sam Duker, 3 books
Andrew D. Wolvin, 3 books
Charles F. Stanley, 3 books
Laurie Frazier, 3 books
Graham McGregor, 3 books
Jane O'Connor, 3 books
Emmanuel Bigand, 3 books
Irene Frankel, 3 books
Barbara H. Foley, 3 books
Helen Kalkstein Fragiadakis, 3 books
Helen Sophia Solórzano, 3 books
Leo Jones, 3 books
Patricia Dunkel, 3 books
Stephen McAdams, 3 books


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