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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jack C. Richards, 273 books
Herbert Puchta, 146 books
Adrian Doff, 67 books
Susan Proctor, 67 books
Jonathan Hull, 66 books
Michael McCarthy, 65 books
Milet publishing, 63 books
David Bohlke, 55 books
Cambridge ESOL, 53 books
John Soars, 52 books
Annette Capel, 52 books
Jeff Stranks, 52 books
Liz Soars, 49 books
John Soars, 44 books
Liz Soars, 44 books
Peter Lewis-Jones, 43 books
Peter Viney, 39 books
Sarah Cunningham, 39 books
Rob Waring, 37 books
Leo Jones, 37 books
Bernard Hartley, 37 books
Allen Ascher, 36 books
Andrew Littlejohn, 35 books
Joan M. Saslow, 35 books
Michael Swan, 34 books


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