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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Arthur Conan Doyle, 16 books
Daniel Defoe, 10 books
Laisi Pu, 10 books
Jane Austen, 9 books
Liersi Ge, 7 books
Ying guo Vampire Squid Productions gong si, 6 books
Agatha Christie, 6 books
Jonathan Swift, 5 books
Yang Wang, 5 books
Sha shi bi ya, 5 books
Te Heng, 5 books
David Herbert Lawrence, 4 books
Gengsi Di, 4 books
(ying) Sha, shi bi ya, 4 books
Ka de lan, 4 books
Xingjian Luo, 3 books
Brontë, Charlotte, 3 books
Lewis Carroll, 3 books
Emily Brontë, 3 books
Charles Dickens, 3 books
Ying Zhou, 3 books
Wang er de, 3 books
Maomu, 3 books
Mei er, 3 books
Gen Pei, 3 books