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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Gm Pbc, 775 books
Michael Smith, 258 books
Reza Nazari, 258 books
Zearn, 241 books
Ruth Merttens, 224 books
Peter Patilla, 220 books
School Mathematics Project., 217 books
David Kirkby, 180 books
Paul Broadbent, 163 books
Great Minds PBC, 140 books
Wendy Clemson, 119 books
Elise Baniam, 119 books
Alan Brighouse, 108 books
Thinkwell, 100 books
Clyde M. Reese, 99 books
David Clemson, 99 books
David Godber, 97 books
Randall I. Charles, 89 books
Think Academy International Education Inc., 88 books
Think Academy International Education Inc, 85 books
Hilary Koll, 85 books
Joseph Liouville, 80 books
L. Bostock, 79 books
Raymond A. Barnett, 73 books
Steve Mills, 72 books