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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Laurie John, 29 books
Francine Pascal, 23 books
Osamu Uoto, 20 books
Israel. Lishkah ha-merkazit li-sṭaṭisṭiḳah, 18 books
United States. Bureau of the Census, 17 books
Umbreen Bhatti, 14 books
Shimoku Kio, 13 books
Lloyd Johnston, 13 books
Malla Haridat, 12 books
Robert M. Sherfield, 12 books
Philip G. Altbach, 11 books
Skip Downing, 11 books
Anna Todd, 11 books
Carolyn Keene, 10 books
Sui Ishida, 10 books
Carol Carter, 9 books
Laura Horn, 9 books
Kosuke Fujishima, 9 books
Linda A. Cooney, 9 books
Leighton C. Whitaker, 9 books
David Nicholls, 8 books
Gary McKinney, 8 books
Primary Research Group, 8 books
Susan P. Choy, 8 books
Donna Tartt, 8 books


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