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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dae Jung Kim, 20 books
Korea (South). Kyŏngje Kihoegwŏn, 18 books
Park, Chung Hee, 8 books
Chun, Doo Hwan., 7 books
Cho, Kap-che, 7 books
Sang-u Yi, 7 books
Sam-ung Kim, 6 books
Hŭi-yŏn Cho, 6 books
Roh, Tae Woo, 6 books
Mu-hyŏn Paek, 6 books
Taehan Sanggong Hoeŭiso, 6 books
Young Sam Kim, 5 books
Chae-hong Kim, 5 books
Tŏg-u Nam, 5 books
Yŏng-sŏk Yi, 5 books
Yŏng-un Kang, 5 books
Korea (South). Chaejŏng Kyŏngjebu, 5 books
T. K., 5 books
Lee-Jay Cho, 4 books
Watanabe, Toshio, 4 books
Korea (South), 4 books
Tong-uk Chi, 4 books
Byung-Nak Song, 4 books
Chong-chʻan Kim, 4 books
Haeng-sŏn Kim, 4 books


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