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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chun-man Kang, 7 books
Kim, Dae Jung, 5 books
Chang-jip Chʻoe, 5 books
Cho, Kap-che, 4 books
Ho-chʻŏl Son, 3 books
Tong-chʻun Kim, 3 books
Ho-gŭn Song, 3 books
Kim, Kwang-ung, 2 books
Larry Jay Diamond, 2 books
Ki-Sung Kwak, 2 books
Chung-in Moon, 2 books
Hŭi-yŏn Cho, 2 books
Kwan-yong Pak, 2 books
Tsutomu Nishioka, 2 books
Yŏng-tʻae Chŏng, 2 books
Ho-jae Pak, 2 books
Sŏk-chʻun Son, 2 books
Tʻaeg-wŏn An, 2 books
Sŏng-dŭk Ham, 2 books
Kyŏng-hwan Chŏng, 2 books
Hwan-tʻae Kim, 2 books
Sin-gi Chang, 2 books
Yŏng-hwan Kim, 2 books
In-yŏng Kim, 2 books
Sŏng-min Chang, 2 books


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