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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David d' Equainville, 4 books
Jihad Gillon, 4 books
Bella Andre, 4 books
Pascal Perrineau, 4 books
Molly Harper, 4 books
Deborah L. Stevenson, 4 books
Laurent Baumel, 3 books
Sherryl Woods, 3 books
Philippe Villemus, 3 books
Eric Mandonnet, 3 books
Konstantin von Weberg, 2 books
Lynsay Sands, 2 books
RaeAnne Thayne, 2 books
Jennifer Ashley, 2 books
Kristine Grayson, 2 books
Shirlee McCoy, 2 books
Jenny Han, 2 books
Lynn Viehl, 2 books
Rafael Loret de Mola, 2 books
Jeaniene Frost, 2 books
André Bercoff, 2 books
Maya Banks, 2 books
Douglas M. Brattebo, 2 books
Christine Warren, 2 books
Sheila Roberts, 2 books


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