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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thierry Desjardins, 3 books
Christopher Harvie, 3 books
Philippe Villemus, 3 books
Idris Tanu Ejenavwo, 3 books
Simon Lee, 3 books
Rainbow Murray, 3 books
Anne Rovan, 3 books
Laurent Baumel, 2 books
Ian Hamel, 2 books
Marcel-Maurice Bigeard, 2 books
Timothy Heppell, 2 books
François Taillandier, 2 books
Patrick Rambaud, 2 books
Ivan Rioufol, 2 books
Catherine Nay, 2 books
Eric Mandonnet, 2 books
Steven Kettell, 2 books
Eamonn Butler, 2 books
Tahir Abbas, 2 books
Patrick Balkany, 2 books
Alix Bouilhaguet, 2 books
F. X. Bourmaud, 2 books
Marc d' Héré, 2 books
Benjamin Ménard, 2 books
Francis Brochet, 2 books


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