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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Earl Browning, 33 books
Bob Murrey, 28 books
American Sport Education Program, 27 books
Harry L. Harkins, 19 books
Leo Hand, 14 books
Jerry Krause, 13 books
Steve Axman, 12 books
Sidney Goldstein, 12 books
YMCA of the USA, 10 books
Burrall Paye, 9 books
Allen Wade, 8 books
McCarthy, John P., 8 books
American Coaching Effectiveness Program, 8 books
Malcolm Cook, 7 books
James Peterson, 7 books
Bob Huggins, 7 books
Joe Luxbacher, 7 books
Bob Bennett, 6 books
George Matthew Karl, 6 books
Nathan Aaseng, 6 books
Mark Rippetoe, 6 books
John T. Reed, 6 books
Mike Koehler, 6 books
American Sport Education Program., 6 books
Horst Wein, 5 books


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