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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Paul Finebaum, 44 books
Matt Christopher, 25 books
Stewart, Mark, 23 books
Bob Italia, 23 books
Sullivan, George, 18 books
Julian May, 18 books
Michael E. Goodman, 18 books
Jake Maddox, 17 books
James R. Rothaus, 14 books
Nathan Aaseng, 12 books
Clare County Board of Gaelic Athletic Association., 12 books
Earl Browning, 11 books
Thomas J. Dygard, 11 books
Ken Rappoport, 11 books
Howard Liss, 9 books
C. Paul Jackson, 9 books
K. C. Kelley, 9 books
Richard Whittingham, 9 books
Loren Stanley, 9 books
George Herbert Allen, 8 books
Bill J. Carol, 8 books
Green, Tim, 8 books
Gordon Korman, 8 books
Walter Camp, 8 books
Zander Hollander, 8 books


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