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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Jake Maddox, 23 books
Mike Lupica, 20 books
Matt Christopher, 15 books
Aimee Aryal, 14 books
Tim Green, 14 books
Tim Green, 13 books
Abbi Glines, 11 books
Thomas J. Dygard, 10 books
Gordon Korman, 9 books
Gemma Cary, 9 books
Sam Moussavi, 6 books
Suzanne Weyn, 6 books
Matt Christopher, 5 books
Tiki Barber, 5 books
Catherine Gilbert Murdock, 5 books
Fred Bowen, 5 books
Ronde Barber, 5 books
Carl Deuker, 5 books
William Campbell Gault, 5 books
Paul Mantell, 5 books
Adrian Beck, 5 books
John Feinstein, 5 books
Clair Bee, 5 books
Tiki Barber, 5 books
Eleanor Robins, 4 books