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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dan Gutman, 77 books
Suzy Kline, 59 books
Meg Cabot, 59 books
Jared D. Lee, 52 books
Rachel Renée Russell, 52 books
Jim Paillot, 49 books
Andrew Clements, 48 books
Nancy E. Krulik, 47 books
Mike Thaler, 46 books
Claudia Mills, 45 books
Sara Shepard, 41 books
Mike Thaler, 38 books
Ann M. Martin, 37 books
Bruce Hale, 36 books
Jim Benton, 35 books
Kate McMullan, 34 books
James Patterson, 33 books
Gordon Korman, 33 books
David walliams, 33 books
Lisi Harrison, 32 books
Megan McDonald, 30 books
Fran Manushkin, 30 books
Jill Murphy, 30 books
Troy Cummings, 30 books
R. L. Stine, 29 books