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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Colin Dexter, 3 books
Peter Coomber, 3 books
William Queen, 2 books
Gerald Abraham, 1 book
Bob D'Costa, 1 book
Robert Schumann, 1 book
Patricia Briggs, 1 book
Doug Martin, 1 book
Rob Ackerman, 1 book
Mason, Daniel Gregory, 1 book
Roberts Liardon, 1 book
Arthur John Maclean, 1 book
Lewis Mumford, 1 book
Grunsky, Karl, 1 book
Shannon Greenland, 1 book
Sharon Creech, 1 book
Jeff Kinney, 1 book
Becky Bell, 1 book
Gene Luen Yang, 1 book
Hitchens, Ivon, 1 book
Jennifer Allyn, 1 book
Oskar Bie, 1 book
Derek J. Byrne, 1 book
Jane Nazrat, 1 book
Keith Hoare, 1 book


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