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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bobby Bowden, 6 books
Mike Bynum, 5 books
Bo Schembechler, 4 books
Sean Payton, 4 books
Barry Switzer, 4 books
George Herbert Allen, 3 books
Tom Osborne, 3 books
Darrell Royal, 3 books
Madden, John, 3 books
Andrew O'Toole, 3 books
Jerry B. Jenkins, 3 books
Vince Lombardi, 3 books
Rich Wolfe, 3 books
Tom Coughlin, 3 books
Glenn Dickey, 3 books
Emory Bellard, 3 books
St. John, Bob., 3 books
Tom Landry, 3 books
Vince Dooley, 2 books
Jeffrey Marx, 2 books
John U. Bacon, 2 books
Wilson, Eric, 2 books
Mike Towle, 2 books
Monte Carpenter, 2 books
Denny Dressman, 2 books


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