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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Martin Cloake, 8 books
Gary Silke, 8 books
Derek Hammond, 8 books
Clive Batty, 7 books
J. A. Mangan, 6 books
David Tossell, 6 books
David Clayton, 5 books
Simon Hughes, 5 books
Tony Matthews, 5 books
Adam Powley, 5 books
Brian Johnston, 4 books
David Potter, 4 books
Ivan Ponting, 4 books
Michael Calvin, 4 books
Barrie Houlihan, 4 books
John White, 4 books
Tim Quelch, 4 books
Graham McColl, 3 books
Potter, David, 3 books
Alex Fynn, 3 books
Dave Woodhall, 3 books
Stuart Farmer, 3 books
Andy Mitten, 3 books
Mark Metcalf, 3 books
Iain Spragg, 3 books


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