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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Wallace Reyburn, 7 books
Peter Bills, 7 books
J. B. G. Thomas, 6 books
Denis Lalanne, 5 books
Gareth Edwards, 4 books
Michael Frederick Green, 4 books
Ian Robertson, 4 books
Frost, David, 3 books
Griffiths, John, 3 books
Eddie Waring, 3 books
Derek Douglas, 3 books
Barry John, 3 books
Dean Richards, 3 books
Rugby Football Union., 3 books
Robert Barran, 3 books
Bob Howitt, 3 books
Gerwyn Williams, 3 books
Cliff Morgan, 3 books
Jonathan Davies, 3 books
David Roach, 3 books
David Sole, 3 books
Mike Burton, 3 books
Willie John McBride, 3 books
Marc Fiszman, 3 books
Peter Corrigan, 3 books


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