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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Katie Flynn, 20 books
Walker Art Gallery, 16 books
Rosie Harris, 11 books
Lyn Andrews, 10 books
Annie Groves, 8 books
Anne Baker, 7 books
June Francis, 7 books
Joan Jonker, 7 books
Liverpool Museum (Liverpool, England), 4 books
Hugh Wilson & Lewis Womersley (Firm), 4 books
Hall, Patricia, 4 books
Maureen Lee, 4 books
Tracey Morait, 4 books
Nadine Dorries, 4 books
Andy Croft, 3 books
John Barron Mays, 3 books
Thomas H. Bickerton, 3 books
Liverpool (England), 3 books
John Williams, 3 books
Thomas Slemen, 3 books
Audrey Howard, 3 books
J. R. Harris, 3 books
Ruth Hamilton, 3 books
Adrian Jarvis, 3 books
John Hamilton Thom, 3 books


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