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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Anne Perry, 10 books
Anne Perry - undifferentiated, 5 books
Donna Douglas, 5 books
J. C. Trewin, 5 books
Eleanor Updale, 4 books
Marjorie Eccles, 4 books
Roger Morris, 4 books
Sarah MacLean, 4 books
Cora Harrison, 4 books
James Agate, 3 books
Thompson, Brian, 3 books
Jake Thoene, 3 books
Steve Humphries, 3 books
Luke Thoene, 3 books
Paul Stewart, 3 books
John Betjeman, 3 books
Chris Riddell, 3 books
Richard Foulkes, 3 books
Graham Norton, 3 books
Gavin Weightman, 3 books
R. C. Michie, 3 books
Lisa Kleypas, 3 books
D. E. Meredith, 3 books
M. C. Beaton, 3 books
Donald J. Olsen, 2 books